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Welcome to Her University Life!

First of all, let me tell you that if you are cringing at the layout of this site, trust me I’m cringing ten times harder. This is just a start and I am trying to get the hang of it, playing around with the themes and ESPECIALLY trying to adjust the font sizes – they are so tiny i think it’s fit for a pet hamster to read.

Anyhoo, in case you don’t see a timestamp or you missed it, it is 13th April 2017 ….. so? It is T-minus 10 days to Finals! What am I doing here? Oh you know, doing everything else other than studying (you feel me?)

“What is in this blog?”,¬†you may ask.

I have tonnes of stories to tell about school, how to get around, where to makan, where to chill, where to study, which profs are nice or crazy or plain bad or funny or handsome or idk.. This blog is a mish mash of anything and everything about the school. It’ll be fun!

I thought that maybe I can share with others what really goes down in being an undergrad of NTU. More specifically in the eyes of a Mechanical Engineering student.

My hopes for this blog is to unite a community of like-minded students and hopefully it becomes a community sharing website where the inputs will not only come from me but from you too!

Feel free to comment or ask me questions! I’ll be thrilled to even receive any hahaha thanks everyone.

Sincerely, Debby.


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