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Welfare Packs!!

I have a tragic story to tell. I missed all the welfare packs giveaway this semester. *bawls* YES IT IS TRAGIC.

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I am a Singaporean, every Singaporean loves free stuff. I mean, don’t even talk about being Singaporean, any student who’s always on a tight budget would totally go for all these welfare packs that are usually given when exams are around the corner. The welfare packs contain lots of stuff – mostly snacks – that will be useful for many, especially the hall-people.

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I have friends who collect all the welfare packs with their roomies like halloween’s treat-or-tricking and then they put it in a central area a.k.a study snacks corner or whatever you name it. Then while studying, those itchy hands will just reach out for some snack and the mouths will be munching while the brain tries to cram knowledge. It is wonderful.

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Sadly for me, I missed it all this sem. I have my reasons – wasn’t in school, was in a different location in school that’s too far from the collection point, was in class and etc.

So do yourself a favour, GO GET THEM WELFARE PACKS. Anyways, they aren’t technically free, sometimes it’s a teeny bit of the amount you pay the school that goes in there. So…if you do not collect them, well you have just let your money escape. OKAAAAY I may be wrong but hello, free stuff is good stuff.

Once again, they usually pop up after the mid semester.

TIP #1: Always keep a lookout on your emails. Don’t skimp on them, especially those from NTUSU (Student Union) and your own schools (e.g. MAE – School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

TIP #2: Collect them at non-peak timings to avoid the extremely long queues. Just don’t try lunch time. Be the first or go after lunch times (just that some stuffs might be gone by then but most of the time the welfare packs are still there. There is usually an abundance of it)

TIP #3: Jio (invite) your friends! Go with them! Chances are there might be some game booths you can play so it’s a little fun time with them. Take a break from studying… haha like we need to be reminded *laughs to myself* what a joke.

If you are someone from an organisation looking to sponsor NTU with your products or you are one of those organising groups that produces the welfare packs, hit me up and I will gladly tell the whole world when, where and for who your freebies are for! I am sure the student community will appreciate it!



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